Our Beers

Tap Beer & Cider 

Central State ‘Halsdurchschlag’ Berliner Weiss with Meyer Lemon (Indianapolis) 

Indeed Brewing ‘B-Side Pils’ Pilsner (Minneapolis) 

O’so  ‘The Griswolds: Audrey’ New England Pale Ale (Plover, WI) 

Perennial ‘Saison de Lis’ Farmhouse Ale (St. Louis, Missouri) 

Maine Brewing ‘MO’ Pale Ale (Freeport, Maine) 

Hacienda ‘Closer Everywhere’ IPA (Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin) 

Founders ‘Sumatra Mountain Brown’ Brown Coffee Ale (Grand Rapids) 

Sierra Nevada ‘2013 Bigfoot’ Barleywine (Chico, California 

Mobcraft ‘NITRO: Vanilla Wafer’ Porter (Milwaukee) 

Perennial ‘Prodigal’ Imperial Stout (St. Louis, Missouri) 

Southern Grist ‘Fluffernutter’ Peanut Butter Marshmallow Stout (Nashville) 

O’so  ‘Convenient Distraction’ Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter (Plover, WI) 

Upland ‘BB Teddy Bear Kisses’ BBA Imp. Stout (Bloomington, IN)  

Untitled Art/Horus ‘English Barleywine w/Coffee & Coconut

(Waunakee, WI)


Bottled Beer & Cider

Miller High Life ~ Coor’s Light ~ Spotted Cow~ ‘Victoria’ Mexican Lager

Bockor ‘Framboise Max’ Raspberry Ale ~ New Glarus ‘Strawberry Rhubarb’ 

Pilsner Urquell ~ Sierra Nevada ‘Ovila’ Quad w/Plums ~ Omnipollo ‘NOA’ 

Three Floyds ‘Zombie Dust’ ~ Blue Moon ~ Val-Dieu ‘Grand Cru’ 

Six Point ‘BBA 3 Beans’ Porter ~ Leinenkugel Big Eddy: ‘Royal Nektar’ 

Untitled Art ‘Milkshake IPA’ ~ Lakefront ‘Latif’ Double Chocolate Stout 

Epic ‘Son of a Baptist’ ~ Central Waters ‘Mudpuppy’ Porter 

Brewing Projekt ‘Pina Colada’ Milkshake IPA or ‘Irregardless’ DDH IPA 

Goose Island ‘2014 Sofie’ (765ml) ~ Goose Island ‘2014 Matilda’ (765ml) 

Evil Twin/Westbrook ‘Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break’ (22oz)  

*Lakefront ‘New Grist’ GF Beer* ~ *Crispin ‘Original’ & ‘Pear’ Cider* 

*Vander Mill ‘Blue Gold’ Blueberry Cider*

Non-Alcoholic Beer
Clausthaler Lager ~ Clausthaler Dry Hopped Amber

*Sprecher Root Beer* ~ *Gosling's Ginger Beer*

*gluten free