Our Beers

Tap Beer

Brewing Projekt ‘Mejor Vida!’ Mexican Lager with Orange Blossom Honey & Motueka Hops   (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

FiftyFifty Brewing ‘Jelly Spread’ Sour Ale with Peanut Butter & Raspberry   (Truckee, California)

Young Blood ‘Nama-Staycation’ Saison   (Madison, WI)

Dovetail ‘Plum Vignette’ Lambic-Style Ale with Italian Plums   (Chicago)

Founders ‘Octoberfest’   (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Founders ‘Unraveled’ Juicy IPA   (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Bell’s ‘Double Two Hearted Ale’ Imperial IPA   (Comstock, Michigan)

New Glarus ‘Gyrator’  Doppel Bock   (New Glarus, Wisconsin)

Lagunitas ‘The Waldo’s Special Ale’ Triple IPA

New Glarus ‘Coffee Stout’  (New Glarus, Wisconsin)

Young Blood ‘The Tale of Midnight Bill’   Milk Stout with Toasted Coconut   (Madison, WI)

Six Point ‘5 Beans’ Imperial Porter with Coffee, Cacao, Vanilla & Cardamom   (Brooklyn, NY)

Cigar City ‘El Catador Club: Primordial Unity’ Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout   (Tampa, FL)


Bottled Beer & Cider

Miller High Life ~ Coor’s Light ~ Spotted Cow ~ Rolling Rock

Allagash 'White' ~ OEC 'Coolship Lager'

**FRESH HOPS** Aslin 'Green Hell' IPA ~ Aslin 'Nuances of Meaning' IPA

**FRESH HOPS** MORE 'Main Course' Citra & Idaho 7 DDH DIPA

Allagash 'Farm to Face' ~ Almanac 'Farmer's Reserve Citrus'

*Down East 'Unfiltered Cider'*

New Glarus 'Strawberry Rhubarb' ~ J Wakefield 'Campos de Frescos'

MoRE 'Blueberry Marbles' ~ MoRE 'Raspberry Marbles' ~ MoRE 'Vanilla Double Marbles'

Central Waters '2019 BBA Pecan Kringle Stout' ~ Central Waters '2017 BBA Cherry Stout'

Omnipollo ‘NOA’ Pecan Mud Cake Stout ~ Six Point ‘2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged 3 Beans’ Porter

New Holland 'Dragon's Milk: Vanilla Chai'


Large Format Beer


Non-Alcoholic Beer

Clausthaler 'Santa Claust' ~ *Sprecher Root Beer* ~ *Gosling's Ginger Beer*

*gluten free